The Right Way To Oil Your Hair: Repair and Grow it!

The Right Way to Oil your Hair: Repair and Grow it!


Hair routine is so important for healthy, thick and shiny hair.

We all know that oiling hair is good and we do it, but there are some details that you have to follow to can make the most out of the hair routine.

This helps you to repair it from damages because your hair is always exposed to heat and pollution. Furthermore, shampooing, products with harsh chemicals.

Your scalp needs to get moisture every time and don’t let the hair become dried out and frizzy.

Here are the right steps for a successful hair oiling.


First Step: Choosing Oils


You are free to choose from one to three oils to apply on your hair.

Carrier oils like: olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, avocado oil are the most used for good results.

You can also mix essential oils like eucalyptus oil, rose oil and lavender oil with carrier oils because they are more highly concentrated and carrier oils help dilute and enhance essential oils to give you the best benefits.


Step 2: Preparing Your Hair


Preparing Your Hair


  1. Comb your hair until you don’t have any knots.
  2. Part your hair into two sections.
  3. Put oils on the line of the partition.
  4. Continue the partition of the two sides and put your oils on your scalp.


Step 3: Oils Application

Put a spoon of oils and rub your palms to make an equal distribution of oils. Then do circular motions to let the scalp absorb oils.


Step 4: Scalp Massage


Scalp Massage


After being sure that oils covered all your scalp start making massage.

This is important because it stimulates the blood flow in your scalp.

A regular massage makes your hair become thick.

The scalp massage is usually done a little more gently than the body massage by using just fingertips.

Take just one spoon of oils and it’s enough for your scalp massage.


Step 5: Application on Your Entire Hair


When you finish the scalp massage put oils on all the length hair. Rub oils between your palms then run it through the length of the hair.


Step 6: Deep Oil Absorption


Deep Oil Absorption


To let the scalp absorb the oil well;

  1. Comb your hair.
  2. Make a bun.
  3. Dip a towel hot water and wrap your hair.
  4. Leave it for one hour. You can even spend all the night with it and wash in the morning.


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