Step By Step How To Do Makeup For Beginners

Step By Step How To Do Makeup For Beginners

We love makeup every girl does, but we have to learn how to do it right even you are a makeup minimalist. Here are the basics to guide you.

These tutorials show you a step by step of how to apply makeup, including makeup tools for beginners, tips and tricks for a full face of makeup and show you how to make your own daily makeup in a quick short time.

Let your beauty speak!


Simple Makeup

Here is a usual makeup that you can try. This video gives you all the technique to apply the same makeup style on you.

How To Put your False Eyelashes?

Lashes are so important to finish your makeup look for this by following this tutorial you will know how to put your own false eyelashes in the good way.


How to contour?

The contouring is the perfect way to express your beauty face details because it defines and put in value by giving a shadow with a slimming effect.

Everyday Makeup

This is one of the easiest and beautiful makeup that you can apply before going out it’s so useful and quickly for everyday.


Eyeshadow do’s and don’ts!

To really express your eyes you need to apply eyeshadow, by watching this tutorial you will get a perfection eyeshadow application.

Easy Makeup

This is wonderful glowing makeup that you will love and you can apply in any occasion. You will have a sexy and simple makeup style.


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