Combine your eyelashes with your lipstick is the new viral makeup trend

Matching Lashes to Lipstick


Black mascara is something usual. Makeup trend is encouraging all what’s new, strange, different and beautiful!

Summer is soon we love to feel fresh and to wear colors!

What if we add some colors to our routine makeup?

Take a look of these combinations between lashes and lipstick.

Colored lashes are like a revolution to the old black mascara.

You have in first step to see what you will wear as clothes and what your look of the day is.

It’s important first of all to choose a color for your lashes which is matching to your skin tone. Then, it must be according to your outfit.


Matching Lashes to Lipstick








How to ?

STEP 1: Apply Your Shadow

choose your shade, take just one eye shadow to apply for the entire look —yes — only one! Use your flat shader brush and apply it all over the lid.


STEP 2: Mix Your Mascara and Apply/Prepare your lashes

Use the same pigment you just used on your lids. Mix clear mascara with a bit of the eye shadow that you already choose.

As a result you will get the same shade in a formula suited for your lashes.

Put the product onto a disposable spoolie and apply it onto your upper and lower lashes. Then, color the eyelashes that you have buy for more maximum color effect.


STEP 3: The lipstick

Apply the lipstick with same color and enjoy a wonderful matching lash and lipstick look!


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