How To Make Your Own Vintage Hairstyles Step By Step

How to Make Your Own Vintage Hairstyles Step by Step

The hairstyle of the ’40 s is so impressive because of the original trendy look that it creates; from wonderful victory rolls, bouncy curls big waves to meticulous updos.

The past is always a reference to inspire the fashion world. For this, the vintage hairstyle is back.

Here are some of the best tutorials to guide you on how to succeed in your vintage hairdressing.


Wavy Hair

Vintage waves are so requested. This classic look is chic and amazing for any occasion.


Pin Curl

Do you have thin short hair? You can add volume by doing pin curls. You will have a lot of volume at the end of your hair. This will change your entire hair look!


’40s Updo

We will go back to the vintage updo this is so original and beautiful! Follow this video to know how to succeed the ’40 updo.


Scarf Updo

This is the one for lazy girls who want to have the vintage look.

This tutorial shows you how to quickly make your own hairdo!


Victory Rolls

The ’40s hairstyles are known by Victory rolls. If you want to get the 40’s look, you have to know how to make your victory rolls perfectly. This tutorial will guide you.


Victory Rolls Updo

Try to make this fantastic victory rolls updo for your short hair. You will get a unique hairstyle.

Finger Waves

This tutorial will show you how to make the flat ‘S’ shaped waves.

This is what we call the finger waves. It’s one of the most known vintage hairstyles.


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