Everything You Need To Know About Microneedling, Before Using It

Side Effects of Microneedling
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Who don’t know hormonal acne and don’t suffer from his impact? Many search we have done for the appearance of the acne scars. The most success solution that we found was in the microneedling.


Let’s see What’s The Mironeedling?

It’s a technique used for beauty skin. It’s all about a micro-fine needles to puncture the first layer of the face skin.
It’s known also as collagen induction therapy because this procedure boosts collagen production and renews the texture of the skin. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles and even undesirable pores.


What You Have to Know Before Trying The Microneedling?


Side Effects of Microneedling
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This type of skin care involves rolling a roller with tiny needles that range in diameter from 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters all along the skin.

The microneedling pen’s needles produce micropunctures in skin that enhance the penetration of skincare products and make a better collagen production. The depth of needles is selected according to each patient’s skin type.


The Microneedling Benefits:

  • Get less acne scars.
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduce enlarged pores.
  • Get back skin elasticity.
  • Uneven skin textures.
  • Repair stretch marks.
  • Improve uneven skin tones.


What to Expect from Side Effects of Microneedling:

We think that one of the side effects of microneedling is the pain caused.But actually it doesn’t look like what we imagine! It’s sure that it’s not a comfortable feeling.

The treatment still like 20 minutes and it doesn’t hurt. A serum and hydrating face mask after the treatment will make your skin feel so refresh.

You will feel just so good!

When you finish you will be a little bit red and it’s normal. After a couple of hours, you will see the result. You will be pretty more than you was.

The next day, your skin return to normal and you can continue your skin care routine as usual.


Side Effects of Microneedling:

After the face mask, your cheeks and the top of your forehead can be slightly red and you get tiny imprint marks especially on your forehead from the needles.

Don’t be afraid because this is one of normal side effects of microneedling.

This is from the minimal bleeding of the treatment. It will literally disappear in one hour. You will get a new skin without imperfections as a result!

Side Effects of Microneedling
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This effect is just for persons who have an extremely sensitive skin, so this may not happen to you. The next day, your skin is really raw and itchy.

It’s uncomfortable but it’s okay. You can use an appeasement cream twice per day one in the morning and one time before going to bed.

On the day four, the almost of itchiness will completely go. The tiny post-procedural marks will also disappear day after day.

It’s a normal side effects of microneedling and for sure it depends from a person to another according to the skin type. But this is the maximum side effects of microneedling you can get.


After skincare:

The perfect thing is the glow. You will be impressed by the radiance of your skin.

You feel this result in the morning after micro-needling. Nothing is better than a natural cheekbone glow!

Another amazing thing to feel is the soft skin and the size pores shrank. You don’t need to do a lot of care and makeup! You can simply go out with a beautiful skin as you wish.

It’s simply like a new baby skin! For this even your skin product become more deeply penetrating. You will love putting your favorite skincare. Studies affirm this.


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