5 Hidden Benefits of Taking More Beach Vacation, According to science

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When we go to the beach we feel relaxed, calm and happy. We always say “I’m sad i want to go spending time on the beach”.

We say this, but we don’t know that this is really true and approved by scientific “The waves take the problems and go”

Spending time looking to the sea has a positive effect on brain waves. This is considerate as a mild meditative state.

This affects your mental and physical health boosting your energy, skin issues like; healing skin ailments, psoriasis.

Beach advantages are a lot further than you may suspect.


The Benefits of the Beach



The Benefits of the Beach
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It’s approved that the ions in salty ocean air promotes the immune function. Walking barefoot on the sand gives you also free and peaceful feeling.

It let you absorbing electrons and grounding with the Earth; that mean that this habit slows aging.

Furthermore, the sand is a source of magnesium which is important for the functioning of all single cells in the human body.


Vitamin D

Many person neglect the importance of vitamin D which is essential for promoting the growth and maintaining the health and the strong of the bones.

The beach is the best destination for getting enough of vitamin D. When you spend time on the beach your body will produce vitamin D.


Reducing Stress


Reducing Stress
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The ocean-breeze and sound, the splash of waves, and the sun shine form a perfect universe of relaxation.

You have to do a beachfront therapy especially on the summer. Because stress affects your beauty, weakens your immune system, ruin your heart and makes your emotions uncontrollable.


The Blue Color


Blue Color
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This color often knows as tranquil, secure and peaceful so it enhances creativity to the mind and reduces stress.

The blue aid concentration it’s serene and mentally calming.


How bring the feeling of the beach wherever you are?


How bring the feeling of the beach wherever you are?
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There are many things that you can do to let you feel like you’re at the beach.

You may reap the beach benefits because it can be a state of mind movable by sensory; by wearing light and colorful clothing and sandals, mimic the smell of the ocean and listening to a particular type of music; the type that we usually hear in the beach parties.

Simply creating the beach environment brings to you all the calm and relaxing feeling. It lets you travel by sensory.

Make your own perfume mix with fir, frankincense, grapefruit, and lime oils. Prepare also mojitos which remind the beach vacation days.


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